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By Robert J. Buck

Robert Buck's historical past examines the archaeological list, takes a clean examine what the ancients stated in regards to the Boeotians and on the references of classicists of more moderen instances, retells the legends, and reconstructs the background of the sector from the heroic Bronze Age to the Pelopponesian struggle.

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Sordi, l. a. lega tessala, 78-89; L. Moretti, Ricerche sulle leghe greche, eleven If. ; J. A. O. Larsen, CP55 (1960) 231 f. and GFS, 108-14. 7. Thuc. 6. fifty five. 1. Sordi, l. a. lega tessala, fifty five, and Larsen, GFS, 112, draw the inference for the alliance's beginning in Peisistratus' time. eight. On Archaic mythopoesis see M. P. Nilsson, background of Greek Religion'2 (Oxford, 1949) 237-42 and his Geschichte der gnechische faith* 1 (Munich, 1967)711-14. nine. The direction via Hyampolis is argued for via Larsen, CP fifty five (1960) 232f. , and GFS, 109-11. 10. Hdt. five. sixty seven. eleven. Hdt. 1. sixty one and Arist. Ath. Pol. 15. 12. The commitment of the Alcmeonids is dated via Ducat (Kouroi du Ptoion [Paris, 1967] 242-51 and BCH ninety seven [1973] 65f. ) approximately 550-540 B. C. If Thebes was once in command of the sanctuary then, one may well infer both (a) that Thebes used to be on the time cool to Peisistratus, because it used to be permitting dedications from his competitors; or (b) that the commitment used to be made while the Alcmeonids and Peisistratus have been on solid phrases briefly, a now not not likely taking place in Athenian politics; or (c) that Thebes used to be attempting to be on strong phrases with quite a few Athenian factions. If Thebes was once no longer accountable for the sanctuary, one may perhaps infer both (a) that the professionals have been really prepared to obtain dedications from competitors of Peisistratus because it wouldn't topic to them; or (b) that Ptoon was once adverse to Thebes and to Theban neighbors and so pleasant to their enemies or competitors. Ducat, BCH ninety seven (1973), 65f. , argues that the commitment, given the identified friendliness of Thebes and Peisistratus, needs to suggest that the sanctuary used to be no longer less than Theban regulate on the time. This proposition is of no better or much less advantage than the speak of any of the propositions defined above. On current facts, the courting of the commitment can't undergo the burden of revealing that Ptoon was once self sufficient of Thebes round 550-540. The commitment of Hipparchus is dated through Ducat (Kouroi du Ptoion, 251-58; BCH ninety seven [1973], sixty six) approximately 515. because the sanctuary was once in all probability less than Theban regulate by way of then, this kind of date poses difficulties. First, it should render not likely a Plataean adherence to Athens in 519 (cf. Ducat, 67f. ), because the alliance brought on a rupture among Athens and Thebes. moment, it'll make the recognized help of the Thebans for the Alcmeonids within the years previous the overthrow of the tyranny of Hippias a so much unexpected and inexplicable reversal. The commitment may well greater be dated ahead of 520. this is able to do no violence to the epigraphic and stylistic standards and will placed the fabric the place it can no longer be stuck up needlessly in controversy. because it is, it could possibly good healthy the belief of a surprising holiday in kinfolk in 519 whether it is dated 520 or a bit previous. thirteen. Beloch, Gr. Gesch. 1. 2. 205; Sordi, los angeles lega tessala, 87, who adopts the switch to a hundred by means of Moretti, Ricerche sulle leghe greche, 111f. and 167, observe 27; Larsen, GFS, 113f. , and CP fifty five (1960) 236f. yet cf. Hammond, background of Greece, 2 137. 14. Plut. , de Hdt. mal. , L. Pearson's tr. in LCL, Moralia XI, 83-85. 15. 1C, nine. 2. 469, a commitment calling on Aattane 'Exekpatrigou; Sordi, l. a. lega The Formation of the Boeotian League 520-506 B.

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