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By William J. Slater

From the introduction:
"It is time," wrote Wilamowitz in 1907, "that Nauck's variation of Aristophanes
of Byzantium used to be redone," and lots of instances during the
last few years i've got had reason to ask yourself on the knowledge and discretion
of these students who became a deaf ear to his injunction. now not least, it is
a humiliating event to try to keep on with after the younger Nauck, whose
erudition and precision must have made it most unlikely for someone to
improve on his version of 1848. in lots of methods this version isn't what I,
let by myself Wilamowitz, may have needed. the distinction of Erbse's edition
of the Homeric scholia have made me decrease the Homeric part to little
more than an index locorum with precis, even though i've got attempted to make
it beneficial via together with all attainable move references to the lexical works
of Aristophanes. in the course of the remark is short, and cognoscenti will
readily increase on it; however the literature on a gloss similar to proxenos would
by itself now fill a quantity, and a dialogue of the proof for deer
species in early Greece a long way exceeds the competence of this author. Nonetheless
I have commented on these glosses the place it appeared to me that
Aristophanes was once facing a philological challenge recognized to his contemporaries;
and to this finish i've got taken a few care to gather relevant
testimonia, when you consider that i think that with out such aid historic glosses can
mislead instead of inform.
The glosses and testimonia are given in Latin, grown rusty via years
of instructing classical civilization, however the observation is in English, for the
simple cause that i locate myself not able to discuss a few issues like
fallow-deer with adequate readability in Latin. back even though i've got made an
honest attempt to acquire all pertinent books, the reader should still understand that I
have now not had entry easily to a massive library, in order that i discovered it impossible
to fee all my citations of the D scholia to Homer, which whilst a new
edition is on the market needs to in the future be in comparison with Aristophanes.

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Moer. ; de άντιδιατιθέναι cf. Su. α 1678 ( e e Horn. sch. min. ' now not. Adler, sed non inveni). It used to be proven that the center voice intended 'answer, present' rightly: see M. Puelma, MH 34, 1977, 37 n. sixty eight. however the Antiatt. means that there may additionally were a dialogue of energetic. 34 AB (LXXI p. 217 Ν. ) έπικύλλωμα, κατακύλλωμα Eust. 1599,14 in θ 311: ... έπικύλλωμα ή κατακύλλωμα. ων αμφοτέρων μνησθεις Αριστοφάνης ό γραμματικός ούδέτερον αυτών άνάττικον είναι φησιν. Hsch. ε 4908, ε 4378; Su. ε 2428 c. try out. ; omnia vix advert rem; vitiose Ph. 593,17 = EM 761,37. The phrases are unknown, yet needs to be scientific phrases for forms of κύλλωμα 'crookedness, crooked swelling'. The phrases of Eust. suggest merely that, opposite to what will be intended, the glosses are present in stable Attic authors. 35 (LXVII p. 215 Ν. ) επιστάτης Eust. 1827,46 in ρ 455: ενταύθα δε μνηστέον του γραμματικού Αριστοφάνους είπόντος ούτω ρητώς· επιστάτης (a) επί μόνου του χυτρόποδος (Ar. Αν. 437) δοκεϊ τοις πολλοίς τάττεσθαι και (b) του μεταιτητού, ως παρ' Όμήρω (ρ 455). άγνοούσι δε δτι και ό παιδοτρίβης ούτω καλείται, το δε και επί των άλλων καθηγητών (c) τάττειν ου φημι πάντως την χρήσιν δεικνύναι. Amm. a hundred and forty four Ν. : διδάσκαλος και επιστάτης διαφέρει* διδάσκαλος μεν γαρ εστί λόγων, επιστάτης δε έργων. (a) Sch. Ar. Αν. 436 Wh. (Callistratus) = Su. ε 2614, Eust. 1427,55. (b) Ap. S. 74,14; Hsch. ε 5231: Eust. 1398,39. (c) Eust. 1827,46; Hsch. ε 5235; Antiatt. 96,12. Etiam ballot. 3,145; Harp. 83,5; 157,25 (Su. , EGen, EM); BA 188,22; 244,31. 33-36 27 this can be a notable gloss for numerous purposes. The notice has evidently many extra classical meanings, identified to the traditional grammarians. If Eustathius is quoting safely, Aristophanes criticized nameless πολλοί for άγνοια, and gave no citations for his or her usages. this is often additionally the single gloss the place Aristophanes turns out contradicted through the Antiatt. (Cohn 295 n. 26), who might be plundered Ar. Byz. 's checklist of alleged cases for his personal reasons, in contradicting the Atticist doctrine noticeable in Ammonius. there isn't any classical example of έπιοτάτης which means both παιδοτρίβης or καθηγητής (first the following in Greek), although it turned a standard that means in Hellenistic instances. The passages adduced for the 1st that means (e. g. Plato, Crito forty seven b 10 with Burnett's observe) fall wanting facts. Ziebarth, Aus dem griechischen Schulwesen, Leipzig 21914, 24; L. Robert, Comptes-Rend. de l'Ac. Inscr. 1974, 508f. , esp. 520 n. 32. 36 (XIX p. 169 N. ) κόλλοψ Eust. 1915,16 in φ 407: εν δε τοις του γραμματικού Αριστοφάνους φέρεται ταύτα' κόλλοπα (a) το παχύ δέρμα φασί λέγεσθαι (sc. grammatici) και (b) τον των οργάνων κόλλαβον, παρατιθέμενοι (φ 407) Όμηρον και άλλους τινάς' έτεροι δε (sc. auctores) ούτω καλοϋσι (c) τον περιτρέχοντα και έταιρούντα ως και Εύπολις (immo Εΰβουλος Meineke = fr. eleven Κ. ) εν τφ· •(•'Καλλίστρατος εστί τις. ούτος ούν μεγάλην πυγήν είχεν ω Χαριάδη και καλήν τούτον καταλεκτέον ες τους κόλλοπας| τους έκδρομάδας'. Antiatt. 102,33: κόλλοπάς φασι δεϊν κυρίως λέγειν τους των οργάνων ους καλοϋσι κολλάβους, ου τους ανδρογύνους. Εΰβουλος (fr. eleven Κ. ) Αντιόπη επί του ανδρογύνου.

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