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By G. E. M. de Ste. Croix

It is a protection of the Athenian democracy by way of a superb radical historian. Geoffrey de Ste. Croix indicates how even its oddest positive factors made feel, and illustrates the various components influencing Athenian politics--for example, exchange and advertisement pursuits mattered little or no. although written within the Nineteen Sixties, those hitherto unpublished essays stay clean and cutting edge.

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Forty seven They definitely had monetary tasks, and maybe naval or even army ones to boot, and their Naukraroi, handled by way of Aristotle (Ath. Pol. 21. five) as analogous to the demarchs within the forty two we don't recognize no matter if the best of entice a courtroom of legislations opposed to elimination from a deme check in, or refusal of access to it (as in Arist. , Ath. Pol. forty two. 1), existed from the 1st. there is not any early proof. forty three Pp. 168–71 less than. forty four See p. 141 above at the absence of whatever of this sort ahead of Cleisthenes. forty five See pp. 140–2 above and 160–1 less than. forty six Arist. , Ath. Pol. 21. five. forty seven [A projected Endnote on naucraries turns out to not were written. ] 148 Athenian Democratic Origins Cleisthenic structure, could have been very important figures;48 however the crucial element is that there's not anything to signify that the naucraries, a construction of the aristocratic country, resembled the demes in having renowned assemblies making judgements by way of majority vote, within which the standard citizen may play a component, neither is it most probably that the Naukraroi have been elected from less than, because the demarchs needs to definitely were from the first49—doubtless for a yr at a time,50 and maybe (although this can have come later) with restrict of re-election. without doubt the various demarchs have been themselves males of delivery and wealth, specifically within the early days; yet one nice democratic precept which we will be able to later see at paintings in each corner and cranny of the complete Athenian political procedure needs to without doubt were utilized from the start, if with much less rigour than in later instances, to the workplace of demarch (and minor deme posts): responsibility, legal responsibility to ey’ uyna [‘examination of an official’s behavior on retirement’]. fifty one *** The trittys-system used to be one other crucial function of the reforms. each one tribe was once made of 3 trittyeB, one from all the 3 districts into which Attica used to be divided for the aim: ’sty, paralia, mes a ogeioB, to which I shall refer as urban, Coast and Inland, with the caution that the ‘City’ staff of trittyes was once again and again better than the realm in the walls—it prolonged as some distance forty eight it truly is without doubt they, less than the fashion of pryt anieB t vn & naykr arvn [‘prytanes of the naucraries’] who're conceived via Herodotus (V seventy one. 2) as ‘administering Athens’ within the past due sixth century. forty nine we don't appear to be aware of even if demarchs within the overdue fifth and 4th centuries have been appointed typically via vote or by means of lot: see Busolt-Swoboda, GS II 966–7, esp. 966 n. four. through c. three hundred Eleusis had a demarch selected by means of lot (IG II2 1194. 3); and within the 320s the demarch of Peiraeus was once additionally appointed by way of lot (Arist. , Ath. Pol. fifty four. 8), yet he used to be a nation Justice of the Peace in addition to a deme professional. [Whitehead, DA one hundred fifteen, regards sortition as definite for the 4th c. ; there's nonetheless no facts for the fifth. ] it's fascinating to notice that Euxitheus, the speaker of Dem. LVII, notwithstanding it appears now not of a exotic relatives, were either demarch (§§ 63–64) and phratriarch (§ 23)— yet this in fact was once within the mid-4th century, and the location can have been diversified on the finish of the sixth.

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