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This booklet used to be switched over from its actual variation to the electronic layout through a neighborhood of volunteers. you could locate it at no cost on the internet. buy of the Kindle variation contains instant supply.

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2 Now this used to be not just unjust, it was once really ridiculous, that they, who had no longer come to the help of the folk of Fidenae once they have been within the perils of warfare, yet suffered them to perish, then demanded their homes and land from those that had come into ownership of them. consequently, Romulus gave them contemptuous solutions, upon which they divided themselves into armies, attacked Fidenae with one, and faced Romulus with the opposite. ahead of Fidenae, then, they overpowered thousand Romans and slew them; yet they have been defeated via Romulus with a lack of 8 thousand males. three once again a conflict used to be fought close to Fidenae, and right here all agree that the victory was once mainly because of Romulus himself, who displayed each attainable blend of ability and bravado, and appeared endowed with energy and swiftness some distance past the lot of guy. yet there's a assertion made by way of a few writers that's altogether really good, nay relatively, absolutely really good, particularly, that of the fourteen thousand Tuscans who fell during this conflict, greater than part have been slain by way of Romulus along with his personal hand; for even the Messenians appear to have been boastfully extravagant in announcing that Aristomenes 3 times provided sacrifice for 100 Lacedaemonian enemies slain. e four After the rout of the enemy, Romulus suffered the survivors to flee, and moved upon their urban itself. yet they can no longer carry out after so nice a opposite, and suing for peace, made a treaty of friendship for 100 years, giving up a wide section of their territory, known as Septempagium, or the Seven Districts, forsaking their salt-works alongside the river, and supplying up fifty in their leader males as hostages. five Romulus additionally celebrated a triumph for this victory at the Ides of October, having in his educate, in addition to many different captives, the chief of the Veientes, an aged guy, who turns out to have carried out the crusade unwisely, and with out the adventure to be anticipated of his years. Wherefore to this very day, in delivering a sacrifice for victory, they lead an previous guy in the course of the discussion board to the Capitol, donning a boy’s toga with a bulla connected to it, whereas the usher in cries: “Sardians on the market! ” For the Tuscans are acknowledged to be colonists from Sardis, and Veii is a Tuscan urban. 26 1 This was once the final battle waged by means of Romulus. Afterwards, like many, nay, like just about all males who've been lifted by way of nice and unforeseen strokes of fine fortune to strength and dignity, even he was once emboldened by means of his achievements to tackle a haughtier bearing, to give up his well known methods, and to alter to the methods of a monarch, which have been made hateful and vexatious first through the country which he assumed. For he wearing a scarlet tunic, 2 and wore over it a toga bordered with red, and sat on a recumbent throne while he gave viewers. And he had continually approximately him a few younger males known as Celeres, from their swiftness in doing provider. Others, too, went ahead of him with staves, fending off the population, they usually have been girt with thongs, with which to bind right now these whom he ordered to be certain.

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