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By David Konstan

This booklet is a heritage of friendship in Greece and Rome, from the warrior society of the Homeric epics to the time of the Christian Roman Empire. It demonstrates how old friendship resembles glossy conceptions, and the way it evolves in several social contexts. The ebook sheds new gentle on such questions as friendship and democracy, the significance of buddies in executive and in philosophical groups, women's friendships, and the transformation of friendship lower than the impact of Christian principles of brotherhood.

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39); "comrades" right here, as in Hesiod, might be refers to the entire diners whereas philos alternatives out a distinct good friend. Alcaeus of Lesbos addresses a poem to a former good friend he as soon as may perhaps invite "for child and beef" (fr. seventy one Campbell); a scholiast indicates forty three forty four Cf. additionally Rosier 1990: 230; Schmitt-Pantel 1990: 20-2; Schmitt Pantel 1992: 32-42; Stehle 1994; martial elegy at symposia: Bowie 1990; M u r r a y 1991: nine 6 - eight . Symposium vs. public ceremonial dinner: cf. Dentzer 1982: four four eight - eight nine ; warriors' fraternities: M u r r a y 1983, 1983a; Bremmer 1990; cf. Schmitt-Pantel 1992: 45-52. Cambridge Books on-line © Cambridge college Press, 2010 Downloaded from Cambridge Books on-line via IP 147. 231. seventy nine. one hundred ten on Thu might 20 13:44:52 BST 2010. http://dx. doi. org/10. 1017/CBO9780511612152. 002 Cambridge Books on-line © Cambridge college Press, 2010 Sappho and women's friendships forty seven that the addressee is an eromenos or boy love, which doesn't unavoidably exclude a symposiastic context; in a ingesting music, he addresses an axles, a Doric or Thessalian time period for pal or cherished (cf. Alcman fr. 34). In one other poem he seems to reproach buddies who fail him (fr. 130a); writing, possibly, from exile, he adapts the Homeric formulation, "far from expensive ones" (pile ton philon, fr. 148, as restored). Alcaeus two times mentions hetairoi within the context of struggle (129. sixteen; cf. one hundred fifty. 3-4). forty five at the proof of those fragments, males had buddies, drank with friends, and have been on the subject of comrades-in-arms, which isn't remarkable information. higher claims concerning the political function of male bonding are moot. SAPPHO AND WOMEN'S FRIENDSHIPS Sappho, the opposite poet from the island of Lesbos and most sensible identified for her love poetry, addresses a few girls as philai and hetairai; whereas the be aware hetaira in classical Greek had got the derogatory feel of "courtesan," Athenaeus (13. 57^) explains that "free ladies and maidens even now name their partners and acquaintances hetairai, as does Sappho," and cites cases (frs. 142, one hundred sixty Campbell); one could examine, within the classical interval, Aristophanes, Ecclesiazusae 528-9, the place Praxagora, the heroine, explains that she left the home early within the morning simply because a hetaira and phile was once in hard work and had summoned her. So too, the Byzantine dictionary referred to as the Suda (2 107) speaks of Sappho's "comrades and associates" (test. 2 Campbell; cf. additionally fr. 126). Sappho's relation to the ladies in her circle is extremely debatable. a few poems to ladies are erotic, and the analogy of male pederasty has prompt that Sappho's beloveds have been young women; yes fragments and tales lend help to this view. forty six yet possibly the distinction among family of domination and subordination, commonplace of male eroticism, and ties of friendship characterised via equality and symmetry of roles was once no longer so marked between girls because it used to be between males, and the vocabulary of comradeship was once, for that reason, extra suitable with that of amorous ardour in women's poetry. If certainly the constitution of girl homoeroticism forty five forty six Boys at symposia: Bremmer 1990.

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