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...[They have been attempted] by way of a courtroom empanelled from one of the noble households, and sworn upon the sacrifices. The a part of accuser was once taken by means of Myron. They have been stumbled on accountable of the sacrilege, and their our bodies have been solid out in their graves and their race banished for evermore. In view of this expiation, Epimenides the Cretan played a purification of town.

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22. three, fifty eight. 1n. Maronea. In south-east Attica (map 2); wealthy silver mines yield surplus 483/2: 22. 7. Medon. mythical king or lifestyles archon: three. three. Megacles I. Alcmaeonid; archon 630S–620S, chargeable for loss of life of Cylon’s supporters: p. forty-one, Epit. 2. Megacles II. Alcmaeonid; son of Alcmeon: rival of Pisistratus, thirteen. four, 14. three yet for some time cooperates with him, 14. 4–15. 1. Megacles III. Alcmaeonid; son of Hippocrates: ostracized 487/6, 22. five; almost certainly ostracized back within the 470s. Megara. On Isthmus of Corinth (map 1): legend of catch through Pandion yet loss by means of his son Nisus, p. 39; helps Cylon, p. forty-one; conflict with Athens over Salamis, 14. 1, 17. 2. Melanthus. mythical king of Athens: pp. 39–40. Melobius. recommend of movement appointing drafting committee in 411: 29. 1; most likely an analogous Melobius was once a member of Thirty. Menestheus. mythical king of Athens: p. 39. Miltiades. normal liable for defeat of Persians at Marathon; prosecuted through Xanthippus, 22. 6n. ; indexed as opponent of Xanthippus, 28. 2; father of Cimon, 26. 1. Minos. mythical king of Crete: p. 39. Mnasilochus. 4 Hundred’s archon for 411/0: 33. 1. Mnesithides. Archon 457/6, stated to be first from rankers: 26. 2. Munichia. a part of Piraeus (map 2): fortified via Hippias, 19. 2; occupied through returning democrats 403, 38. 1, three; garrisoned by way of cadets, forty two. three; posting of a basic, sixty one. 1. Myron. Prosecutor of guys blamed for killing Cylon’s supporters: 1. Naxos. Aegean island (map 1); domestic of Lygdamis: 15. 2–3. Neocles. Father of Themistocles: 23. three. Nicias. baby-kisser from non-aristocratic heritage yet appropriate to aristocrats: indexed as opponent of Cleon, 28. three; praised, 28. five; cf. 22. 3–4n. Nicodemus. Archon 483/2: 22. 7. Nisus. mythical son of Pandion: p. 39. Oe. Deme (map 2); laid out in mistakes for Oa (map 2): 27. four. Oreus. In Euboea (map 1); dependable to Athens whilst different towns insurrection 411:33. 1. Oropus. North-east of Attica (map 2); claimed via Athens, and whilst in her palms governed as topic territory: fifty four. 7n. ; see additionally Amphiaraus, in word list. Paeania. Deme (map 2): 14. four, 28. three, 38. three. Palladium, court docket at. close to sanctuary of Pallas Athena and of Zeus (map 3); used for murder trials: fifty seven. three. Pallas. mythical son of Pandion: p. 39. Pallenis. Temple of Athena Pallenis in deme Pallene (map 2), the place Pisistratus wins conflict in ultimate seizure of energy: 15. three, 17. four. Pandion. mythical king of Athens: p. 39, Epit. 1. Pangaeum. Mountain in Thrace (map 1), with mines from which Pisistratus derives wealth: 15. 2. Parnes. Mountain variety (map 2): 19. three. Pausanias I. Spartan regent 480/79–460S; offends allies after Persian Wars: 23. four. Pausanias II. Spartan king 408–395; despatched to help oligarchs opposed to democrats 403, yet encourages reconciliation: 38. 3–4, Pelargic wall. past due Mycenaean wall of Acropolis, burdened with Pelargikon, enclosure at west finish of Acropolis (map 3): 19. five. Peloponnesians: mythical king Xuthus, p. 39; Peloponnesian battle 431–404, 27. 2, cf. 27. five, 29–34; Peloponnesian garrison in Athens 404–403, 38. 2. Pericles. Son of Xanthippus, 28. 2n. ; prosecutes Cimon 463/2, 27. 1; assaults Areopagus, 27. 1; introduces jury pay, 27.

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