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By Jeffrey Henderson

The pervasive and unrestrained use of obscenity has lengthy been stated as an enormous function of fifth-century Attic Comedy; no different Western artwork shape is predicated so seriously at the sexual and scatological dimensions of language. This acclaimed ebook, now in a brand new variation, bargains either a accomplished dialogue of the dynamics of Greek obscenity and a close statement at the terminology itself.

After contrasting the unusual features of the Greek idea of obscenity to modern day rules, Henderson discusses obscenity's function within the improvement of Attic Comedy, its historic origins, kinds, and dramatic functionality. His research of obscene terminology sheds new gentle on Greek tradition, and his dialogue of Greek homosexuality deals a clean corrective to the idealized Platonic view. He additionally seems intimately on the half obscenity performs in each one of Aristophanes' 11 surviving performs. The latter a part of the publication identifies the entire obscene terminology present in the extant examples of Attic Comedy, either entire performs and fragments. even supposing those terminological entries are prepared in numbered paragraphs similar to a word list, they could even be learn as self sufficient essays at the numerous features of comedian obscenity. phrases are defined as they ensue in each one person context and with regards to typologically related terminology. With newly corrected and up to date philological fabric, this moment version of Maculate Muse will function a useful reference paintings for the examine of Greek drama.

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That this pun used to be universal in previous Comedy is 151. For cf. AP five. fifty six. 2: cf. Martial eleven. 104. thirteen. 152. Cf. Fr 721; either passages are mentioned by means of ballot. 10. 27. 153. See the comments of Whitman (n. 18, above), p. 203 and the reviews thereon by way of ok. J. Dover in CR sixteen (1966): a hundred and sixty. 154. Eup. a hundred. 19, PI. Ti. 69e. a hundred and fifty five. Gal. 18(2). 961, Aret. SA 1. 6, Nic. Al. eighty. 508. 138 The Maculate Muse indicated by means of the hetaera-name Isthmias (Philetaer. nine. five) and the possible funny story on cunnilingus at Canthar. eight. a hundred and forty four. , sheath, is located in such comedian innovations as , , (CA 1045-47). 156 earrings and Circles one hundred forty five. , : the criticism of the girl at T 424 f. , that Euripides has made it very unlikely any more to hoodwink husbands, includes double entendres meant to satirize the lechery and shamelessness of ladies: . not just but in addition ability cunt: commencing the pantry doorways through the use of a three-obol ring turns into "opening our 'gates' by way of rendering our 'ringlets' for 3 obols," the latter reference most likely being to the three-obol rate quite often demanded by means of reasonable prostitutes. 157 evaluate V 768 f. (above, part 140). A comparable picture, present in technical writers,158 is = anus. 146. at L 417 operates on a really related pun: The Probulus, in a speech made up fullyyt of obscene double entendres, jeers at cuckolded husbands: [Someone else says this to a tender guy, whose cock is rarely immature: Shoemaker, the sandal's cross-strap presses at the little toe of my wife's foot—it's so delicate. Come around, then, a few afternoon and unfasten it up with the intention to be extra supple. ] On one point, the husband complains that the cross-strap of the sandal is urgent the little toe of his wife's foot; at the different, the yoke (bulk) of his phallus (see ) is ramming (see ) her little cunt. This double feel is comprehensive by way of ambiguous genitives and the ambiguous use of in 418 to refer either to and to . 159 word that 156. Cf. Aristaenet. 2. 6, Plaut. Pseud. 1181 (vagina). 157. See Antiph. three hundred, Epicr. 2, three, 18. complete dialogue in H. Herter, "Die Soziologie der antiken Prostitution," JbAC three (1960): eighty one, n. one hundred eighty. 158. Dsc. 1. 70,Luc. Demon. 17,PRyl. 28. sixty eight (IV AD); cf. = anus at Orib. Fr. eighty three, Cass. Fel. seventy four. 159. Wit-Tak (n. 60, above), p. a hundred and twenty, n. ninety five, wrongly means that is the The Sexual Organs 139 those traces parallel and praise the opposite shaggy dog story within the Probulus' speech: traces 408-13 take care of a spouse whose cunt is simply too huge for her husband, and contours 416—19 with a spouse whose cunt is simply too small. 147. , something round or which surrounds, is the identify of a woman's garment utilized in a similar feel as (following section). At L 1162 the Spartans' ambiguous call for for seems to be for (see part 142, above), 1163. one hundred sixty equally, at L 113 Cleonice swears that she is going to go together with Lysistrata it doesn't matter what, . This pun, pawn my shawl/lay down my cunt, constitutes one other shaggy dog story on woman lechery. We needs to suspect additionally that the deictic demonstrative pronoun shows byplay on degree. 161 148. , whatever round, is used obscenely, although within the provider of noble imagery, within the sequence of double entendres that describe in agricultural language sexual kin with Diallage (A 998); it seems that within the comparable experience at L 267, the place the lads suggest attacking the closed gates of the acropolis with phallic tree-stumps which they intend to burn , having placed them in a circle/into a cunt.

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