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In ebook IV of Virgil's "Aeneid", probably the most studied books of that epic poem, Dido, queen of Carthage, is infected via love for Aeneas. The goddesses Juno and Venus plot to unite them, and their 'marriage' is consummated in a cave in the course of a hunt. besides the fact that, Jupiter sends Mercury to remind Aeneas of his accountability, and the hero departs regardless of Dido's passionate pleas. on the finish of the booklet, Dido commits suicide.

This vintage version of the Latin textual content of publication IV replaces the long-serving variation through Gould and Whiteley, making this booklet extra available to contemporary scholars and taking account of the latest scholarship and significant techniques to Virgil. It encompasses a great advent, annotation to give an explanation for language and content material, and a entire vocabulary.

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Hausurus 383) drink in, drain heia ho! herba -ae f. grass hērēs -ēdis m. inheritor hērōs -ōis m. hero, semi-divine being heu interj. ah! sadly! hībernus -a -um adj. iciness, wintry hīc adv. right here hic haec hoc this hiems hiemis f. wintry weather hinc adv. for that reason, from the following, in this facet homō -inis m. guy honōs -ōris m. honour, glory hōra -ae f. hour, second horrendus -a -um adj. dreadful horreō -ēre bristle, shudder (at) horridus -a -um adj. bristling, frightened terribleō -āre make to tremble horror -ōris m. shuddering, dread hospes -itis m. or f. visitor, stranger hospitium -ī n. hospitality hostis -is m. enemy hūc adv. this fashion, hither humilis -e adj. low hymenaeus -ī m. (also in pl. ) marriage ceremony ī imper. of eō iactō -āre -āvī -ātum fling, toss iam adv. now, already; iam … iam at one second … at one other iamdūdum adv. for a very long time now ĭaspis -idis f. jasper identification see is īdem eadem idem pron. an analogous ideō adv. therefore igitur conj. hence ignārus -a -um adj. ignorant igneus -a -um adj. starry ignis -is m. hearth ignōtus -a -um adj. unknown īlex -icis f. holm-oak tree ille illa illud pron. that (he, she, it); archaic dat. sing. ollī (105) illinc adv. thence, on that aspect illūc adv. that means, thither imāgō -inis f. likeness imber imbris m. rain immānis -e adj. dreadful, enormous immemor -is adj. forgetful immisceō -ēre immiscuī mingle (trans. ) immittō -ere -mīsī -missum inflict, allow in (669) immōtus -a -um adj. immovable, immobile impellō -ere impulī impulsum push, force imperium -ī n. (military) command impius -a -um adj. depraved, disloyal impleō -ēre -plēvī -plētum fill implicō -āre plait, wire implōrō -āre beg for impōnō -ere -posuī -positum position, set imprecor -ārī pray for imprimō -ere -pressī -pressum press improbus -a -um adj. shameless īmus -a -um adj. lowest, inner most in prep. (1) + acc. into, (2) + abl. in inānis -e adj. empty, futile incautus -a -um adj. careless, heedless incēdō -ere -cessī stroll on, circulation on incendō -ere incendī incēnsum inflame inceptum -ī n. project, plan incertus -a -um adj. not sure incīdō -ere minimize incipiō -ere incēpī inceptum start incomitātus -a -um adj. unaccompanied incubō -āre lie on, brood incumbō -ere set to, get all the way down to paintings indāgō -inis f. a hoop of hunters (121) indignus -a -um adj. undeserved, shameful indulgeō -ēre + dat. take pleasure in, crumple to iners inertis adj. slow inexpertus -a -um adj. untried īnfabricātus -a -um adj. unformed īnfandus -a -um adj. unspeakable īnfectus -a -um adj. no longer performed īnfēlīx īnfēlīcis adj. unfortunate īnfēnsus -a -um adj. adversarial īnferō īnferre intulī bring about īnfīxus -a -um fastened īnflammō -āre -āvī inflame, set on hearth īnflectō -ere -flexī -flexum bend īnfrēnus -a -um adj. unbridled īnfundō -ere -īnfūdī īnfūsum pour on ingeminō -āre redouble (intrans. ) ingemō -ere -uī groan ingēns ingentis adj. large ingredior -ī ingressus sum stroll, input, commence (107) inhiō -āre gape inhospitus -a -um adj. inhospitable inhumātus -a -um adj. unburied inimīcus -a -um adj. adversarial inīquus -a -um adj.

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